The Pacifico Partnership

Anatomy of Giving Evidence (Virtual)

Building Confidence and making good decisions in the witness box

The Pacifico Partnership flagship event ‘The Anatomy of Giving Evidence’ is back. And this time…it’s virtual! The programme is all you need to give great evidence, and feel less stress.

This half-day event is for anyone who might be a witness in the criminal justice system and it is based on the original version which was delivered to every police force in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and received universal acclaim.

The half-day programme will help you:

-        Deal with nerves and understand the psychology of a high stakes environment

-        Understand your roles and responsibilities in court

-        Understand the overview of the criminal justice system

-        Present evidence well

-        Deal with examination in chief and cross-examination effectively

-        Understand the Golden Rules for giving evidence

The speaker(s) will be Professor James Welsh and Adam Pacifico. James is a barrister and trainer, achieving Professorship in 2018 for his work on courtroom advocacy. James intends to lose none of the energy and humour that made the original AGE events so popular. Adam was the original creator of AGE and is also a barrister, author and podcast host.