The International Digital Investigation Awards (IDIA) is a showcase of the amazing dedication and innovation taking place within the digital investigation field across law enforcement in the UK and internationally.

Blue Lights Digital Ltd began the IDIA in 2017 with support from the International Communications Data and Digital Forensics (ICDDF) events team, after recognising an absence of awareness and understanding around this area of work. Wanting a platform to celebrate the achievements of those invested in digital forensics, communications data, internet intelligence and digital investigation, the idea of the IDIA was born!

Today, we relish the opportunity this event provides to highlight the best law enforcement investigators, providing an evening of celebration and recognition for their activities, surrounded by their peers who truly understand the excellence in their work, their skill set and their dedication to getting the job done. 

Nominations for the IDIA open in autumn each year and close in January of the following year. The Judging Panel consists of selected, high profile law enforcement personnel, with knowledge and experience of these fields, guaranteeing a fair and transparent process. The IDIA event is held within the ICDDF event held in March and is by invitation only, bringing together nominees, recognised professionals and our event sponsors.

Blue Lights Digital Ltd is grateful for the support and funding provided by the IDIA sponsors over the years the event has been running, many of whom have sponsored the event since it began. This is run as a not-for-profit event and all monies raised go into ensuring the event is a true celebration of policing.

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